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    About Us

    The UK is already generating more electricity from clean energy than its combined output from coal, oil and gas. Within our company our team have a unique skill set with decades of experience in delivering a more responsible way to power our lives & protect the environment.

    As governments around the world face up to the challenge of climate change, one thing is clear: clean-energy infrastructure will lie at the heart of actions to reduce global emissions & whilst we acknowledge our responsibilities to protect the planet we also have a responsibility to our investors to make sure our projects are profitable & competitively delivered on schedule.

    Government policy has benefited our sector, through changes in regulations for renewable energy developers. This in addition to the advances in the technology behind renewable energy production, produces an industry sector that is growing at an unprecedented rate leading to some spectacular investment opportunities for private investors.

    The UK is bound by the national Climate Change Act, which demands an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas pollution by 2050. The Office for Budget Responsibility, the independent watchdog which provides analysis of the UK’s public finances, recently projected that £8.4bn will be spent on renewable projects in the UK in 2020/21.

    At Terra Firma, energy storage is Key to our vision of producing a clean energy future. Battery storage solutions are an essential and integral part of our developments. With extensive knowledge in this arena we safeguard our developments design & infrastructure to allow for future advances in this technology. Without efficient storage capability, electricity production is wasteful and inefficient.

    We believe renewable energy investment is no longer considered a purely philanthropic endeavour but is now considered a profitable avenue for investors looking for strong financial returns on capital invested whilst also supporting us as an environmentally conscious company.

    UK energy demands continue to rise and as an innovative new company Terra Firma Energy are identifying new profitable & reliable projects for development with our partners that produce affordable, efficient clean energy not only for the present but for our future generations.

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