About Us

Building a cleaner tomorrow.

The UK energy sector has undergone a great deal of change in the past 30 years, from a vertically integrated and nationalised sector to a privatised and liberalised market-based system. Terra Firma Energy was created with a vision of assisting the country on its journey to Net Zero in line with government policy that is focused on security of supply and a reduction in overall carbon emissions.

The UK Governments Net Zero Strategy sets out how the UK will secure 440,000 well-paid jobs and unlock £90 billion in investment by 2030 on its path to ending its contribution to climate change by 2050. The policies and spending brought forward in the Net Zero Strategy mean that since the Ten Point Plan, the country has already mobilised £26 billion of government capital investment for the green industrial revolution.

The UK uses a mix of sources to generate its electricity: fossil fuels (mainly gas and coal), nuclear energy and renewable energy. The contribution of different generation methods to overall electricity supply has changed dramatically in recent decades. In 1990, coal generated 80% of electricity. Newly privatised electricity companies then shifted towards generating electricity using natural gas, which had become cheaper and more efficient thanks to technological advances.

In recent years the share of renewable sources has increased sharply which has created a huge need for transitional peaking technologies to be brought online to ensure security of supply when uncontrollable weather conditions result in a shortfall of generation. The Terra Firma Energy team are experts at developing power generation assets from project conception and origination through to the operation of these commissioned assets. We focus on developing solar, wind, energy storage and transitional peaking power projects, the technologies all of which are a critical part of the UK’s journey to Net Zero.

We believe sustainable and renewable energy investment is no longer considered a purely philanthropic endeavour but is now a profitable avenue for investors looking for strong financial returns on capital invested whilst also supporting us as an environmentally conscious company. Terra Firma Energy are identifying new profitable and reliable projects for development with our partners that produce affordable, efficient, clean energy not only for the present but for our future generations.