Our Projects


Battery storage provides the grid with security by safely storing energy until it is needed in periods of high demand. With the proliferation of renewables, battery storage allows us to balance the grid when climactic conditions don’t allow for renewable energy sources to generate and bridge demand during these intermittent periods.


Wind turbines based on shore produce power by converting the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical power. Onshore wind farms are constantly evolving to provide a low carbon source of inexhaustible renewable energy. With the UK being amongst the windiest countries in the world it makes sense to take advantage of this natural asset.


Solar is a truly infinite renewable energy source harnessing the power of the sun. With solar not only being the fastest growing source of energy production in the world, it has the additional advantage of it being a CO2 free source of power. It is envisaged that by 2035 solar will be the largest source of energy generation worldwide.

Flexible Power

Peakers are essential in supporting the UK’s transition to renewable energy. Instantly responding to demands on the grid they provide a reliable and fast response to ensure grid resiliency. With the intermittency of renewable generation, peakers provide the flexibility of providing additional energy when required and on demand.