Droitwich Project

Droitwich Project
January 16, 2024 DWAS4ucDjX
Droitwich Project

Droitwich Project

January 16, 2024

We are thrilled to announce That we have broken ground at our newest 5MW gas peaking plant in Droitwich Spa. The new facility is poised to bolster the local energy infrastructure, catering to the increasing demand for reliable and flexible power generation.

Situated to the north of Droitwich Spa, the gas peaking plant will be connected to the local medium pressure gas network, ensuring a stable and efficient fuel supply. Natural Gas Hydrogen Ready Gensets will export electricity directly to the local 11kV distribution network, the plant will play a vital role in meeting the energy needs of the region.

This project showcases our commitment to the delivery of transitional energy solutions, driving the transition towards a greener future.

Gas fired power generation is a critical component in enabling the transition to cleaner energy in the UK. As the nation seeks to reduce its carbon footprint and embrace renewable sources, gas peaking plants provide an essential bridge to ensure a reliable power supply during peak demand periods. By swiftly responding to fluctuations in electricity demand, gas peaking plants enhance the stability of the grid, complementing intermittent renewable sources.

At Terra Firma Energy we remain dedicated to driving sustainable development and are proud to contribute to the UK's clean energy transition. The acquisition of the 5MW gas peaking plant in Droitwich Spa marks another significant milestone in our commitment to providing reliable and environmentally friendly power solutions.

When operational in Q3 2024, the Droitwich site will add a further 5 MW to Terra Firma Energy’s expanding portfolio of flexible generation assets.

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