The HyNet North West Hydrogen Pipeline

The HyNet North West Hydrogen Pipeline
December 16, 2023 DWAS4ucDjX

Overview of the project

The HyNet North West Hydrogen Pipeline is essential to unlocking the benefits and ambitions of HyNet North West. Our project will put in place the infrastructure to deliver clean hydrogen power to industry, and blended hydrogen power to homes across the region.

We are developing 125 kilometres (around 77 miles) of new pipeline that will safely transport low carbon hydrogen produced by Vertex Hydrogen at the Stanlow Manufacturing Complex, or the Inovyn storage site, to various industrial customers.

It will also provide the opportunity to blend hydrogen into the existing gas network at Partington and Warburton (near Manchester). It will also link to underground hydrogen storage facilities that will be used to balance supply and demand.

Our pipeline will support the UK’s drive towards a net zero future and will unlock permanent jobs in the region.

The pipeline will be underground, although we will need ten Hydrogen Above Ground Installations (HAGIs) at various locations along the route.

In parallel with the construction of Vertex Hydrogen’s Hydrogen Production Plant, we anticipate starting construction on the first section of the hydrogen pipeline from 2025, subject to obtaining planning consent.



In addition to the HyNet North West Hydrogen Pipeline, the wider HyNet North West programme includes:

  • Hydrogen Production Plant at the Stanlow Manufacturing Complex – developed by Vertex Hydrogen
  • Hydrogen storage at Northwich – developed by INOVYN
  • Carbon dioxide pipeline – developed by Liverpool Bay CCS Ltd

While Cadent’s HyNet North West Hydrogen Pipeline forms part of the wider HyNet North West programme, it is being developed as a standalone project and requires its own Development Consent Order (DCO). It is separate to the Hydrogen Production Plant, the hydrogen storage facilities at Northwich and the carbon dioxide pipeline and offshore storage project. Consultation responses should relate to Cadent’s HyNet North West Hydrogen Pipeline only .

For more information about the wider HyNet North West programme, please visit:


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