Miners Road Project

Miners Road Project
February 15, 2023 DWAS4ucDjX

Miners Road

Feb 15, 2023

Terra Firma Energy is proud to announce the successful completion of the civil engineering phase of the Miners Road development in Llay, Wrexham. Building on the lessons learned from the Burtonhead Road site, the project team has delivered an accelerated program of works. The major equipment is scheduled to be delivered to the site in the next few months, with the plant expected to be fully operational by Q1 2024. Additionally, a 10 MW co-located solar facility will be added to the site.

The Miners Road site, along with Terra Firma Energy’s portfolio of peaking assets, plays a vital role in the National Grid Electricity System Operator’s strategy for scalable power generation. Recent threats of rolling blackouts and planned power cuts highlight the importance of secure electricity supplies in the coming years.

Partnering with Finning CAT for the supply of generating sets ensures that Terra Firma Energy complies with the local planning authority and environmental permits’ noise and emission limits while maximizing profit margins. With the operating permit secured, our 23 MW power plant can now operate for 8760 hours annually, significantly increasing profitability. The project delivery team is overseeing the installation of all major generation items and ancillary equipment while monitoring the offsite design and reinforcement works carried out by both SPEN (Electric) and WWU (Gas).

In summary, Terra Firma Energy’s Miners Road development is a significant milestone in meeting the UK’s electricity demands and ensuring a secure and reliable power supply for homes and businesses.

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